Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"What do you do in the Army?"

It's hard to describe what I do to people who have little or no knowledge of the workings of the Army. Now I have a new way of illustrating what I do every day.

Reenlist today!

If you were expecting a picture of elaborate training missions or a range or finding a cure for cancer, sorry.



Anonymous said...

My hero.

Anonymous said...

Alex, i am so glad you started writing this blog! I can't wait for more to come. you grow more and more interesting everyday.

p.s. be all you can be ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah...the buffer. The first time I handled one of those in Basic training (back when Fred Flintstone was in the service) it got away from me and I took out the Drill Sarge's ankle. And that was the most exciting part of a rather boring military career...well, second most exciting, but I'll tell you about the 1st Sargeant, the toe tag and the morgue later.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh yeah!