Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

I dreadfully trotted to a range early this morning, the quick and dirty kind that superiors hurry along, sharing the same discontent with us common underlings. We arrived fairly early and there was another group already standing by, waiting to use the same range. The paper pushers at brigade had decided to come down for trigger time. It was there I spotted Lt. Watada, Ft. Lewis superstar of the media. For all those that were questioning where he is and what he's up to, he's doing the daily grind of whatever a cushy brigade job entails. I take my camera everywhere if my earlier posts were any indication, and today was no different. I wanted to snag a few pictures of him but could find no tact way of going about it, so I did the only sensible thing: pretend to pose for unrelated photos.

You big meanies!
Center: Figure of Our Times.
Right: Some spaz.

He must've noticed the commotion we were making and turned his back to a few shots. As we were standing however, I noticed he was reclusive and isolated from his group. I can't imagine the media-fed elephant in the room they have to deal with. I did manage to snag this winner, though:

Don't mind me, just emo'in

Above: Moments before Lt. Watada is devoured by a twenty foot tall emo kid.

I was glad to end this phase of writing on a humorous note for a change. I hope to have a positive tone in the future for those who think my writing is too negative and cynical. Everyone else, I thank you for your support and kind words that you bless me with in my comments section. You can reach me at hortonhearsit at hotmail.com to get my address sometime in early July. I don't know when I'll be able to communicate or update this blog but it should be within the next few weeks.

Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here every day.



Anonymous said...

I'm gonna miss ya! But we're gonna keep in touch because I said so. :)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the writing, Army of Dude. When you decided earlier not to follow the journalism track I was rather disappointed because I discerned real writing talent developing. You have found an outlet for it, though, and I think it will help keep you sane in the midst of a world that is not.

El' Terribleh' said...

Hey man i like linkin park bitch! but that picture is still freaking funny as hell!

Anonymous said...

Like I said man, photojournalism.