Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Would You Like To Know More?

Today is the official launch of Vet Voice, a community blog of Afghanistan and Iraq vets, as well as Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard members and their families. Policies that shape the future of our military and the lives of our warriors are at the forefront of discussion, and this should be the epicenter of news and opinion concerning not only the wars, but the fight going on at home for sensible foreign policy and veteran's care.

Below are the entries from several presidential candidates talking about the issues our veterans and country face in the coming months and years. This was a bipartisan offer for both conservative and liberal presidential candidates. Below are the ones who took up the offer to speak on issues that affect veterans. Keep in mind I don't endorse any of these campaigns.

- Senator John Edwards
- Congressman Ron Paul
- Senator Chris Dodd
- Senator Hillary Clinton
- Senator Barack Obama
- Senator Joe Biden
- Governor Bill Richardson

The best way to support the troops is to arm yourself with information. Sign up with Vet Voice today to return the favor to the countless veterans wanting their voices to be heard.



R6Chick said...

---sarcasm on---

Here we have another outstanding example of how the government supports our troops.


---sarcasm off---

Why does this not all surprise me?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Alex. Just started reading your blog recently and I devoured the last year worth of posts in a day.

Thanks for your service.

Oh and by the way, love the Starship Troopers reference in todays post.

Bruce Lewis said...

You don't include any Republicans, and I suppose that's a good thing, because their programs are all recycled "surge" and bellicosity.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Bruce. The reason no Republicans beside Ron Paul are listed is because none of them bothered to post. They were all invited, but must have had something better to do than speak to a bunch of vets and the people who love them. (Vets and active military don't constitute a huge block of campaign donors, you know. And those grunts in the field? Well, they don't have much money to give, so why bother?) That's just my take on it. But, anyway, the reason they aren't listed is because they didn't show up.

Anonymous said...

I saw you on TV and came to your blog page. I am a 74yr. old great grandmother. One of my granddaughters was in Iraq for 10mos. and hated every miniete of it! She is out now. Now I have a 20 year old granddaughter that is going to join the Army and neither I nor her cousin who has 'Been there" can convince her otherwise!
I am going to send her your blog site. Thanks for having this! Peace Granny Dee

R6Chick said...

Dear Peace Granny,
I have been unsuccessful in convincing my 18 year old that the Marines is not a good choice right now. I was in the Army and have nothing against the military. I think the military can do good things for young people. Just not right now. Many people forget that the military is run by civilians and politics and the one's in charge right now are dangerous. Good luck to you.

Eli Maffei said...

totally awesome post. thanks for the links. I too enjoyed at the clever Starship troopers reference.

slag said...

This is a great site. Thanks! I couldn't believe that debate btwn Randi Rhodes and that pipsqueak who wouldn't play for the Yankees if he had the opportunity. Now he doesn't support our national past-time either?!? Anti-American, I tell you.

Dude-Maybe if you offered the Repubs a bumper sticker they would weigh in. Of course, it would have to say "Support only some of the troops."

Keep on keepin' on.

slag said...

Doh! I meant "pass-time", not "past-time." Although I suppose an argument could be made...