Monday, January 14, 2008

A New Gig

In lieu of a Photo Story Monday, I'll use this time to announce that I've started to write at Vet Voice,'s premier blogging site for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Joining me will be author and blogger Brandon Friedman, LT Nixon and Richard Smith. You can read our bios here.

An excerpt from my first post:

May 6th began for us like so many days before it, in the pre-dawn shadows of Baqubah. I had just returned from leave and was not too anxious to start patrolling again, with ten months of combat behind me and five left to push through. We searched houses, courtyards, roofs, trash piles and warm bodies throughout the morning. Our squad was designated to take a roof to overwatch other squads maneuvering. On the way to the trucks to grab cases of water, we heard the first reports of Alpha Company having hit an IED way down on Trash Alley, the road so dangerous we were usually barred from driving on it at all. We heard at least one man was dead and they were trying to get to any survivors.

To read more, visit Vet Voice. Don't forget to check out the front page for other great columns and diaries.



Eric said...

Congrats on the new gig. It's great to see you getting a wider audience for your superb writing and powerful insights. Keep us posted on your future plans-- like maybe running for office someday? I know I'd be proud to max out my contribution... and I suspect I'm not alone.

slag said...

Yes. Excellent news! Broaden your horizons and your audience.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic writing. Hello from Birch Bay, WA. Keep it up and thanks for the insight and coherence.

Anonymous said...

Just caught a link from Brandon at dKos. Applause. Hope you're period of adjustment to a world with showers and sewers is going well.
A Fan

Gilman Grundy said...

Great piece Dude, I hope to read of you going to college and getting on with stuff though.

Have a nice one.