Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feature in the St. Petersburg Times

For all you AoD readers in the Tampa Bay area: pick up a copy of the St. Petersburg Times this afternoon. The Thing I Carried is in the feature section, likely buried somewhere near the back. And if you're wondering what I have to do with Florida, well, me too buddy. If you want to contribute to the death of newspapers (or simply don't live in America's Wang), you can read the full article here.



Anonymous said...

Wow... you are getting up in the world. lol

For those who want to look, it is located in "The Magazine" under the "News" Tab. If you scroll about half way down, you will find a picture and the article. Nice Picture, BTW.

Here is the link, if it works.

Anonymous said... humaninterest/

Don't know why it didn't include the entire link. Sorry

Alex Horton said...


Thanks for doing the digging. I added a link to the post.


Anonymous said...

They needed some filler material, that's all; and your drivel fit brilliantly in the place of an ad.

Alex Horton said...

Thanks for an insight into the inner workings of the newspaper business, anon.

Wek said...

Oddly, you're in the "Floridian" section of the SP Times. I'm not sure you want to be lumped in with us kooks from the 'wang' state.

Mary said...

I enjoyed the story and know that you must hold the backpack near and dear.

Thank you for doing your patriotic duty and giving of yourself to ensure that we continue to live in freedom.


lil_nurse00 said...

I live in the St Petersburg, FL area and I read the article. It made me sad to think of the loss of your friend, but I am glad that you are able to "carry" him with you through your endevours in life. Thanks for sharing.

MJ Athens said...

Fuckin A dude! They need to print it here in the Athens paper.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. Congrats Dude.

Hope all is well for you.

You flunked english twice? Didn't Eintstein flunk math?

Anonymous said...

Whats up girl? Hey man, good job on these posts. I go on everyday lookin for a new post. Im sure lots of the vets we went over with do too. Keep it up man! On a second note, is there any way you can email me the pictures you have of the deployment? SHAAAUUU!!!!

Dragonscribe said...

I like to think that this being picked up means there are still folks out there who appreciate quality writing about meningful subjects. Because that's how I'd describe that post.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Finland.
Thanks for interesting blog! Your friend from 5-20 show it to me and told that you´re good writer.


Cujo359 said...

That's a terrific story. Sorry I missed it the first time around ...

You mentioned in it that you're reluctant to talk to your classmates about how Iraq and the Army really are. I'm not fond of arguing with people, particularly when they don't seem to care what the truth is. But if there's anything I learned from being a little too young to be sent to Vietnam, it's that young people don't have a clue about all that. All we knew was what we saw in war movies and the little bit we saw of the war coverage.

With Iraq, we don't even get the war coverage.

So I want to encourage you speak up when you think you can. If any young person I know ever mentions wanting to join the Army, I'll send him here.

Anonymous said...

Dude I have been concerned about you! I have followed your writings and you haven't mentioned Lauren. Also you haven't been doing your creative writing. I've been waiting for you to write a book for real Dude. I know its hard on top of your studies but man you have talent!


Anonymous said...

Earth to Dude:
Where are you?
You're not a writer unless you write!

Anonymous said...

Well here I am. My 24 hr investment in your blog has been time well spent.

It was impossible to resist comments along the way which you'll not know about so here, in a nutshell, is my impression: from a kid who failed English twice and barely made it out of high school, you've become a man with great insight, common sense, and a natural talent for writing AND for photography.

Seriously! Unless you already knew about "the rule of thirds" you're a natural with the camera. A natural. I'm just sayin'...

And,I have to say I share your disappointment in John McCain. I was gob smacked when he didn't support the original bill. The fact that he didn't vote on that bill says gigantic volumes more than if he'd just cast a vote.

Like many other readers I hope you'll eventually pull your thoughts together and produce a book. It would make a great BA Thesis....

And on that note may I just request you sprinkle those great shots of yours throughout the book?

Maybe publishers think it's best to group all the photos in the middle but it drives me crazy flipping back and forth to identify the person/place/object being described.

And yeah, I know there's a $ factor with color photos but you've got the copyright on them (right?).

I hope Lauren is adjusting to Austin and enjoying her new home. I have great memories of music under the stars and shopping for great antiques there. I blame Austin for my outrageous obsession with old glass ;-)


PS: some nutsell huh!