Wednesday, November 19, 2008

That Time of the Year

It's fall again. The leaves are turning a golden brown, the Texas weather is still trying to decide what to do, and of course, the Blog Awards are full-on. Once again, faithful readers have tossed my name into the ring, so I thought I'd post this for anyone else wanting to contribute:

The 2008 Weblog Awards

Click on the image above to go directly to the military blog nomination page, scroll to the bottom and add your own comment or simply click the "+" icon next to a nomination you want to second.

All the usual suspects like Michael Yon and Blackfive are listed, but more importantly are the new guys that have made a name for themselves. Big Tobacco is a must-read while LT Nixon is the most informed libertarian ever to own less than fifty guns. If I'm fortunate to become a finalist once again this year, I hope it is with those fine fellows. Then it can be assured that civility and good sportsmanship will rule the day instead of, well, this.

Voting will begin some time in December, so I'll keep you all posted.


Edit 11/22: Nominations are closed. Thanks to all who nominated me!


BlackFive said...

alex - I would say that what I did hardly counts as not fair...compared to having a vets group AND the HuffPo in your corner.

Gotta say I'm disappointed that's your take on it.

Alex Horton said...


I'm disappointed that the voting turned into a political decision late into the voting process. I did not ask Vote Vets or HuffPo (in actuality, just Jon Soltz) to help me out. They did it on their own accord. Linking to the voting by other blogs is obviously encouraged, but when readers are asked to vote against someone for their different political views instead of who has the better blog, then we enter a realm of unsportsmanship. It's voting for the best military blog, not voting against a coalition of "progressives that want to end the occupation of Iraq" and calling me their "guy." That sets a precedent for your readers to cast a negative opinion of me just by associations I didn't ask for (though being called Army of Douche by one of them was pretty funny). We should be judged in this competition by the merits of our writing, not politics. This much I hope we both can agree on.

bigD said...

You tell 'em Alex.

13 Stoploss said...

if it wasn't already obvious by my writing (for the three people who read my blog), I'll jump headfirst into the "progressive" coalition. I don't know what level of relationship exists between you (Alex) and B5, but from an outsiders perspective, your response and the actions you highlighted were more than fair. I was once a registered Republican, but it seems the crowd over there are up to their usual tricks and regressive thinking. shame on them.

keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Well, your blog sucks, so I'll vote for the LT's.

Alex Horton said...


I don't have a problem with that! LT Nixon is a fine choice this year.

Unknown said...

Dude, as much as I like this site, I'm going to have to nominate Bill And Bob's Excellent Afghan Adventure He has made some excellent posts lately on the nature of COIN (counter insurgency) and how the Army is (or is not) using it well. Swing by if you haven't already.

Alex Horton said...

An excellent choice too, Evan. I don't go there enough.

Unknown said...

yew're a jurk, alecks!

Grung_e_Gene said...

To Army of Dude,

Your reasoned response is refreshing to read. Good on ya Dude.

membrain said...

Alex it's unfortunate that last year's voting became politicized. In fairness, I voted for Michael Yon before Matt put that up on his blog and I think Yon would have been dismayed by the politicization as well.

I wasn't aware of your blog until the awards were over and I discovered you had come in second. I'm glad I found you. Excellent writing. Thanks for everything.

[ vk ] said...

In the End though, All your blogs were able to be seen by many people. And thats the Point.

I mean, Im here aint I?

Share and Discuss Even More Military Information

Anonymous said...


I am the Rev. J.P. Wieloch and I will pray for you. I know you said you get a lot of silly questions so I will refrain from asking about what Arab women wear under their burkhas.