Sunday, March 22, 2009

The 2009 Milblogging Conference

This time next month, many of your favorite military bloggers will descend on Washington, D.C. in a whirlwind of snark, booze and insightful panels at The Milblogging Conference. Someone made the grave error in inviting me to join a panel of my peers, and before they realized their mistake, I graciously accepted. I join a crowd that's really a who's who in the military blogging community and look forward to meeting a few heroes of mine. The panels are slowly coming together, so below are the panels already set for Saturday, April 25:


New Media Agora: What is the impact of the “new media” on issues concerning national security, military doctrine and concept development, training, education, and lessons learned? A discussion of the issue by those at the frontlines of the debate.

Moderator: Greyhawk

Dave Dilegge
Andrew Exum
Bill Roggio


Beyond MilBlogging: Taking the blog to the next level. From book deals to paid writing assignments, documentaries, speaking engagements, television and radio appearances and much, much more, many milbloggers have been able to branch out beyond the blog. We’ll find out how a few of them did it, and what projects they have in the works.

Moderator: David Stanford from The Sandbox

JD Johannes
Uncle Jimbo
Lily Burana
Craig Stewart


Back to Our Roots: Some say the “Golden Age” of milblogging has passed. The age when milbloggers were a small, tight community. Today, there are so many interesting milblogs. We'll meet some milbloggers you may or may not have heard of and get back to the finest tradition of milblogging - celebrating and highlighting the diversity of voices within our community.

Moderator: Matt from Blackfive

Alex Horton
Solomon Fein (Tentative)
Maggie of Boston Maggie and Castle Argghhh!
Rebekah Sanderlin

Would you like to be there to witness the shrewd wisdom of Abu Muqawama, the keen insight of Bill Roggio, and the disturbing laughter of Uncle Jimbo? Registration is still open! At last count, 75 seats were still available, and they sold out in 2007. It costs only $50 to attend, so reserve your seat now. The conference is held at the Arlington Westin, so it would be wise to book your room there.

I hope to see many of you at the conference!

The 2008 Weblog Awards


bigD said...

Hi Alex,
That is so great that you will be on the panel. I am sure you will have some wonderful insight to offer.
I want to come just to see you!
It is close enough to where I live, I guess about an hour away or so. My son is still in the hospital right now, so I will have to wait and see how things shake out. Are you going to try to see the sites in Washington while you are in town? Do you have friends in the area who can take you around and give you a guided tour?
Let me know if you need any help with that, my husband is a DC officianado. We visit quite regularly and he loves to show people around town. Take care Alex, your post made me smile. :)

Alex Horton said...

I hope you can make it Diane, I'd like to meet you too! But I understand that you need to be with your son. I hope he's doing better.

I only have a few days in D.C., but I'll try to make the most of it. I went there last spring and got to see a lot. There will be a Pentagon tour for the speakers, so I'm pretty excited about that.

membrain said...

Glad to read that you're going to be a speaker Alex. I'd love to go, but just can't. A Pentagon tour sounds awesome. BTW, the idea of have a different picture on the masthead with each new post is a great one. I love that shot. Where was it taken and whats' happening?


Alex Horton said...


Too bad you can't make it! The banner is from a photo I took on Christmas Day 2006. Student protestors blocked off a street in Baghdad, causing a standoff with my team and a Stryker behind us. We blinked first and left, resulting in a rain of concrete and rocks from kids on rooftops. The whole story and full picture is here.

membrain said...

Thanks for the link Alex. As The War on Big Tobbaco's (now defunct) blog once said: "There's Stupid. Then there's Army Stupid."

Take care.

TT said...

It is to far for me.

Chap said...

See you there, insh'allah