Saturday, August 08, 2009

5th Stryker Brigade hits Afghan dirt

As the 3rd Stryker Brigade arrives in Kuwait, the 5th Stryker Brigade is boots on the ground in Afghanistan. The News Tribune sends along a few AP photos on base and outside the wire. The captions reveal their location as Spin Baldak, a city "about 63 miles southeast of Kandahar." Their proximity to Kandahar isn't as important as their distance from Pakistan. It's a town about five miles from the Durant Line and the second major entry point for Afghanistan and Pakistan. This location might be an indicator of 5th Brigade's mission in the coming months.

(H/T: Stryker News.)


Marc said...

The Canadians have been in that area since early 2007 and have been asking form more help since then as we're only a small contingent. Glad to see someone else around. I just home they don't bomb us like they did last time.

membrain said...

Thanks for the heads up Alex. Take care.

KV said...

My fiance is in the 5th brigade. Interesting to read your posts. Keep safe!!

themorethingschange.... said...

Gosh, you've sort of become our reporter for the 5th. How cool is that!

I know its tough to find spare time right now with work and school - been there done that - but for a really good book about Afghanistan pick up "An Unexpected Light" by Jason Elliot.

I tend to recycle my books but this one is a keeper. Richard Bernstein of the New York Times call it "The most sustained firsthand description of life in Afghanistan to be produced by a foreign observer in recent years...ruefully funny and exciting."

Yup. Its a goodn'.


Anonymous said...

Seems like the 5th Stryker Brigade is into murdering civilians....they are an utter disgrace and should be disbanded.