Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Guns Fall Silent

After a long hiatus I was set to post something today, but I caught wind of Blackfive leading a blackout of all milblog posting for today and in some cases, the rest of the week or more. The blackout is a show of solidarity for CJ Grisham, the founder of A Soldier's Perspective who has come under fire from his command after having the audacity to challenge PTA rulings at his children's school. Take a moment to read his story, and after you are sickened, donate to his legal fund:

Grisham Legal Fund
c/o Redstone Federal Credit Union
220 Wynn Drive
Huntsville, AL 35893

This is a terrible thing that couldn't happen to a nicer and more talented guy. I had the pleasure of meeting CJ earlier this year and found him to be very cordial and sharp. I ask all of you to spread the word, kick some money in his fund and keep this story alive. It's the least you can do for a career soldier that has fought the toughest battles not only overseas but here at home.


membrain said...

Thanks for supporting CJ on this Alex.

Long-time RN said...

Good to see this information appearing on more sites.

bigD said...

Hi Alex,
I am not so sure that having all the milblogs go silent (even for a day) is a good thing. Isn't this giving the higher ups in command exactly what they want--a bunch of milblogs not saying anything and not stirring up public sentiment! Blackfive and other milblog authors should be using the power of their blogs to get this story out and rally people to help CJ; not only financially, but with an appropriate hue and cry against what they are doing to this man and his family. I watched the video and read about his story and this IS sickening and appalling. Why would the US Army even get involved in this situation? It seems absurd. The idea that a bunch of people at a PTA meeting could "report" CJ to his command for what went on at this meeting is ridiculous and reprehensible. The fact that his command did not stand behind him is a travesty. It is no wonder that CJ is now questioning his commitment to a military that would betray him and everything he has stood for in his fifteen years of service.

I think all the milblogs should unite and come up with a cohesive plan in support of CJ. People who want to help need to get busy calling House and Senate reps, writing letters to Gates, Obama, new outlets, whatever it takes. The more public this becomes the more people will take notice. Silence is not the answer. Action is what is needed!

Alex Horton said...


Going silent is exactly what roused so much attention from all the big blogs like Instapundit and Michelle Malkin. CJ's been having problems for a couple months now, but it took a blackout for some of the big boys outside of the milblog community to take notice. We'll see what comes out of it, but it looked to get more press than simply asking people to take notice.

Anonymous said...

Alex, as a retired soldier from a Commonwealth country I find it rather strange that a serving soldier does not seem to believe his CiC should be in his position even though he was elected to it.
Now if the bloke is going to criticise in print his CiC, I take it that he believes he should have the utter right to criticise in print all his chain of command ?
How does that help discipline in the US military ?