Thursday, November 08, 2007

You Can't Give Me Second Place, I Quit!

Dearest of readers! The 2007 Weblog Awards are now over, and Michael Yon has won the award for Best Military Blog! Congrats to him. If you're not familiar with Michael Yon, mosey on over to his site for an independent journalist's view on the war.

The top three:
Michael Yon - 4,932 - 42.2%
Army of Dude - 3,386 - 29.0%
Blackfive - 1,409 - 12.1%

Polls are subject to change after certification of votes, but I'm sure no fraud was committed for this particular category.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and thanks to the Weblog Awards volunteers for not only sifting through countless blogs, but for conducting the voting process. I'm happy with simply being a finalist, but second place is spectacular! Again, congrats to Michael Yon, Blackfive, and all the nominees. It was a good race.



Unknown said...

Well done, Alex! We're so very proud of you!

I'd like to give a special shout out to all my friends in the national and North Texas blues communities who voted for AOD. Thanks, brothers and sisters!


Mom and Dad

Misty Fowler said...

2nd is pretty damn good, plus you have at least one new reader because of the Weblog Awards (me).

slag said...

Impressive showing! (Don't quit.)

Anonymous said...

I voted for you

Anonymous said...

You wuz robbed!

Seriously, it's great that you came in second place, considering the caliber of the first place winner. The comparison is definitely a worthy tribute to your blog.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Alex! Quite impressive.
Michael is internationally known. Don't let it go to your head! Keep writing.
Cathy B

Anonymous said...

It's a great showing. Keep writing, you have a lot of talent.

Anonymous said...

Don't quit!! You do a great job!! Your writing helps me better understand what my friend went through over there. Thanks.

fjb said...

Nice job, congrats. Second to a journalist, specially one like Michael Yon is pretty darn impressive.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Alex! I'm glad to have met you and hope to see you and Miss. L in the future.

Matthew R.

membrain said...

Congratilations on coming in 2nd place after Michael Yon, a legend in his own time. Like anoyher poster mentioned I to wouldn't be reading this if it wasn't for The Weblogs.

You've got great blog and I love youidea for a Monday Photo blog update.

The last one was a choker but really provided incite into what you and your brothers have been through.

Keep up the good work. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Alex!

It looks like about 1500 times people voted they somehow got Yon confused with you and hit the wrong button. Ahem.


Seriously, you've got nowhere to go but up, my man!

Unknown said...

Alex--We're very proud of you and your work in AZ, and you have gained some new readers here, too. Yost is an established journalist, and you are well along on your path.

Your recent photo essay is very powerful. Keep writing, and sharing your experiences with your ever-expanding fan base.

Carla and Herb

Anonymous said...

Congrats, though I wish you'd have come first. gave its readers a heads about your blog, so another good thing is having found out about your blog. I've added it to my list of reads.

fjb said...

Have a good Veterans Day.

Anonymous said...

Keep writing like your Nov. 5 post and next year you win! You are an inspiration, Dude.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, you're much cuter.

Kathleen said...

Just found your blog via...I'm not sure, Weblog Awards, maybe??

Anyway, thanks for your humour, your frankness, and your honesty. It is much appreciated by those of us who can't see the situation for ourselves.

Don't forget that a lot of people care a lot about you. I'm glad you got home safely. I won't forget about those who didn't.

Bruce Lewis said...

You're a great guy and a fine human being, and you've got a great future in front of you as a writer.

Anonymous said...

I voted for you a kazillion times cause you served and still serve the cause of the truth.

I hope you always do. And I hope life's being kind to you.

Anonymous said...

You can count me as another new reader thanks to Michael Yon himself. He wrote a classy thank you letter and spent most of it giving kudos to your blog. Wander over there and read it for yourself.


Anonymous said...

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