Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Defenders Need You

If you've been following the news from Afghanistan, then you no doubt have heard about the Taliban assault on COP Keating that left eight soldiers dead and the outpost destroyed. What the media hasn't told you is that the soldiers stationed at the remote outpost not only lost their comrades but all of the gear inside the base. The American Legion has stepped in and is currently accepting donations for a relief fund:

In the battle for Combat Outpost Keating, the men of Bravo Troop 361 Cavalry lost every possession they had, save for the clothes on their backs. Following this blog posting is information on how to donate to the Combat Outpost Keating Relief Fund. These men havelost friends, their outpost, and all their belongings. One soldier who made it out wrote that "most people back home dont even know, no one gives a shit". Well, many of us do. And you can prove it by giving whatever you can. These guys need things like running shoes, and other essentials, as well as some comfort items like iPods and DVD players. The American Legion has kicked in $1000 to start the fund, and your humble blogger will be the first to donate $100. I intend to get these items out by the end of next week. ANY amount you can give, no matter how small will help us prove that we care.

Tankerbabe has the lowdown on the specific items listed if you'd like to contribute that way.

The American Legion blog The Burn Pit has details of the fight. Those guys are some Grade A badasses; they were giving the wounded blood transfusions while pushing back an enemy force at least four times as big. And right now Terry Taliban is in his cave watching season six of the Gilmore Girls on their portable DVD players. For shame. So forgo coffee this week, cook dinner at home and kick some money in the fund you cheap bastards. It's the best cause you can find.

Update: Tankerbabe says "Mission Accomplished."


CI-Roller Dude said...

Most Americans don't give a shit. When I returned to the police dept after Bosnia, one dumbass police capt asked: "How was Kosovo or where ever you were?"
When I returned from Iraq, the same dumbass desk jockey paperpushing puss pocket, needel dick dipshit asked how Afganastan was.
I brought a fucking world map to work the next week and put post it notes on the places I was deployed so the dip shit would know...but I realized that he and many others really didn't give a shit.
Some officers complained that they had to work a few extra days of over time to cover my shifts while I was gone. I told them I worked a lot of overtime while deployed but didn't get paid extra.
Yep, some cops are big babies.

Alex Horton said...

I feel you man. My first boss out of the Army asked if I killed anybody in Iran.

Most people go out of their way to avoiding saying those dirty words "Iraq" and "Afghanistan." When a coworker found out I was in the Army, she asked "Did you go of those countries?"

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex, So at this point should I get in touch with Tankerbabe or you? I think I can rally some folks on my end. Let me know. I've been wondering about this since I heard. A friend was on his way to instruct in that area a few hours before. Worried was not the word nor was it very helpful I am sure. Anyway let me know. I'd like to help get some mail out.


Alex Horton said...


Tankerbabe announced she gathered everything she needed, so I recommend donating directly to the American Legion.

Long-time RN said...

Will do today, Alex. Thanks for posting the info.

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 10/08/2009 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex thanks for letting us all know the rest of the story. I wished I would have read this sooner so I could've helped. Keep up the good work bro, and I love the pic of the Diyala Hottub, Matt and Bill look like they are enjoying it. Im pretty sure I remember the manis and pedis were the next block over.

Regulars Forever Forever Regulars

Laurel said...

Much thanks for providing us the details, Alex. Sent a check today to the American Legion for the "COP Keating Relief Fund". Appreciate your keeping us posted.

Alex Horton said...


You can still donate to the fund!

Anonymous said...


I've been lurking around your blog for a while. Good shit. I donated to the fund and would like to link this post to my blog, with your permission. I know a few more cheap bastards that can forgo on the mocha soy lattes for a week.

Alex Horton said...

Sure man, go ahead! The more willing donators the better.

soldiers mom said...

There are not words to express how proud I am of all of you & my son for the ultimate sacrifice & job you are doing...whatever your choice or reasons are for joining the military. People DO NOT understand. My son was from Ft.Carson & deployed in May just as the 8 that were VERY sadly killed. Everyone around me told me I was stupid to cry & worry that it could be my son when they 1st reported it...people are so callous. It wasn't his base. While I'm relieved it wasn't him this time...the sadness of those soldiers deaths & the loss of still with son won't tell me much, he doesn't want me to worry. I know ya'll have to put up with a lot of crap & people outside the military just can not understand. But, be VERY proud of yourselves...there are sooo many of us back here at home that think of you every minute your ALWAYS with us & we miss you soo much...I'm extremely proud of my son. He HATES me to say that. He doesn't think he is anything special. BUT I do. I'm an Proud Army Soldier's Mom & my son is with 795th MP BN from Ft. Carson deployed in Afghanistan...Thank You sooo MUCH for letting people KNOW about these soldiers loosing ALL of their possessions...I HAD NO son's Zune downloaded with 200 movies, PSP downloaded with 100 games, DSI downloaded with over 100 games, music...ALL of that IS what keeps him sane! Those items ARE VERY important to him...I'll be donating to this fund

Kelsey said...


I have a somewhat random request: I'm researching graduate programs in Journalism for next year and one that looks really good is the University of Texas at Austin. If I remember correctly, that's where you are?

Would you be willing to tell me about it, maybe answer some questions if I email them to you? If you're too busy or just don't feel like it, that's fine, I completely understand. I'm just a big researcher and like to have all the information before I make a decision, so anything you could tell me would be helpful. Thanks! I would really appreciate it!


Alex Horton said...


I don't go to UT, I go to Austin CC at the moment. No university worth its salt would let me in the door!

UT has a great journalism program I'm told, so I think it's a good choice. Austin is a wonderful town too. You should visit and see for yourself if you haven't already.

Kelsey said...

Okay, I'll definitely consider it then. Thanks for taking the time to help!

livewirerp said...

To Alex,

I just read some of your post. After just writing that, my mind just went blank, I thought I knew what I wanted to say. Well just let me say Thank You and God Bless You and give You some kind of Peace.

I extremely admire your honesty and humility. At just 24 you have seen and done more than anyone should after a very very long life time.

A giant congrats for going back to school! Just keep it up, I think you will do much more than fine.

God Bless, from an old vet in his first year og college.

Rob P.