Thursday, October 01, 2009

Little. Mobile. Different.

The Army is scrapping two heavy brigades for Stryker units:

The move to convert two heavy brigades to Stryker units signals the Army's shift toward a lighter, more quickly deployable formation that is infantry-focused and proven to be highly mobile in diverse environments.

And it further reduces the Army's number of heavy brigades. Defense Secretary Robert Gates had announced in April that the Army would hold the total number of brigade combat teams at 45 rather than the planned 48, and the Army nixed a plan to grow three heavy brigades.

I'll say it now: Stryker units are to Iraq and Afghanistan as airborne units are to WWII. The future of irregular warfare is here, and it's on eight wheels.

(H/T Sal)


Christina said...

Hi. Are you over there? My little brother just got sent over. He's a Sargent, in the Army stationed over in Seattle. I have been following your blog for a bit, but I try to not get to wrapped up in what's going on..its hard having him over there. Anyway, just wanted to say hello. And if there is anything you recommend me sending in the next care package for him, let me know..besides the snacks and such. :)

CI-Roller Dude said...

I liked the few rides I got to take in Strykers.

Alex Horton said...


No, I'm not over there but I envy those that are. I sometimes think it's easier fitting into a patrol than a classroom.

Include practical things like AA batteries, small flashlights, a headlamp (head mounted flashlight), Q-tips, baby wipes, books and magazines. Cushion sole athletic socks, ankle size or longer, will feel nice in his boots. Find out his boot size and get some gel inserts for comfort. Find some d-rings and mall zip ties so e can easily secure his stuff. Other than that, personalize it with some nice candy and DVDs he might like.

Marc said...


When I was in Afghannistan the major thing I was hungry for was magazines and news, and so were the rest of the gu ys for the most part, konowing ti8ngs are going on at home smothly tends to help the guys, and gals keep their mind on the job, which they need to do in a big way. It also serves to keep in touch with home in other ways than the phone or internet.

Bradley said...

Hopefully they are not the new 'Airborne', even though i was Airborne, they were a flawed and failed experiment. They were Over-trained, expensive, and had way too high of a death rate for troop delivery. The pre-D-day drops sort of proved that Airborne was a failed idea. And the Anti-Air tech has only gotten better. Air-Cav is a far better method of getting boots on the ground behind enemy lines.

FOX3 said...

I wish we woulda had Strykers instead of 1151's and MRAP's although 1151's did fit nicely down the canal roads.

David Spooner said...

I guess I can keep my knees now. So who is going to tell all those Airborne units that strykers are the future of the Army not Airborne? I would suggest a text from long distance.

CI-Roller Dude said...

I rode in Stykers at Mosul a few times (like a friggne taxi ride) many M1114 trips, USMC Amtraks, but best of all was riding in Blackhawks to get around Iraq. Fast, smooth, and much safer....

NUGHT said...

Ive always been a huge supporter of strykers. I went to a stryker unit right out of AIT... I've had the privledge to have been on over 50 missions in iraq in each of the following trucks 1151's, Max pro's, RG33's, strykers, and the meap.

The stryker was by far the most versatile truck I've ever been a crew member in... It's fast and mobile, and has above average fire power... I hope it's the future.

themorethingschange... said...

Thanks for the reminders about what to send - never thought about the gel inserts, brilliant!


Coffeypot said...

My SIL was a Sgt in a Stryker unit out of Ft. Gordon, GA. He loved the Stryker and loves even more being out of the Army.

Good luck in school and keep on keeping on.

Thanks and welcome home.

As for Christina, I have several troops I support and send packages and letters to. Today I mailed out Halloween boxes with mask, skeletons and packs of candy along with some hygiene stuff.

Send stuff that goes with any holidays and seasons. Tell your brother hi and thanks from an old Navy Tin Can Sailor.

Unknown said...

We have three Stryker Brigades here at Fort Lewis and they are awesome because of the men behind the wheels!!

Unknown said...


can you please tell me how to rebut those who slag off wheeled units? those who say
- strykers can't go cross country
- the tyres are a soft target
- they can't turn around as easily as a tracked apc/micv
- an m113 'gavin' would be better

i usually lose these arguments