Thursday, January 08, 2009

Next post on the weekend

Tomorrow morning I have to be at work ridiculously early, so I'm going to hold off on my final post in the sense series until the weekend. Thanks to everyone who has been following the series so closely and voting so diligently.

Speaking of voting, I'm proud to be in a category where everything has remained exceptionally civil. Other blogs are turning the voting into a circus. Though I'm getting curb-stomped into oblivion by Mike Yon and Blackfive, it's good to just be in the running.


MilTrucker said...

Your doing great, thanks for keeping up the good work... maybe 3rd this year? Look for a 1st in 09!

Anonymous said...

I was just editing my own blog, cleaning it up for the "new and improved" relaunch. I ran across this post where I first found your blog (during the 2007 Weblog Awards). I can't tell you how much it means to me to read your posts. I suppose it's because when I read your writing, it's one of the few times that the war in Iraq becomes something real to me. I understand that war isn't always something we can avoid. My father and grandfather were both in the military. But, if our country is going to participate, each of us needs to understand exactly what is going on there. Even when it's justified, or necessary, or unavoidable, we should never turn a blind eye to the realities.

I think you do an amazing job of talking about the war, without putting politics into it. Thank you for this.

StrangeAppar8us said...

Bravo, Alex! This blog is about as up-close-and-personal as it gets, and the sort of perspective we civilians rarely get to read. No one can ever hope to understand war by watching news footage, and I thank you for inviting us to have a seat inside your head and behind your eyes.

As for the "circus" that's swirling around some of the other Weblog award nominees, the damn shame is that few of those sites are performing a service even half as important, in the grand scheme, as Army of Dude.

Keep it up. You're good.

Anonymous said...

What kind of work are you doing now?

No freaking plumbing? Why didn't they dig their own septic pits instead of letting it pool around?

This is the first I've heard of this.

Hardtack said...

I have long read B5 and Michael Yon. I have enjoyed their comments and viewpoint on numerous topics. In the past I have voted for both of them.

This time, my vote has gone for you. B5, Michael Yon and you provide a multi-viewpoint on military issues. Each of you provide a different perspective, a different view to many of the same topics.

Alex, continue to post. You bring the GWOT to the ground (grunt) level. Thanks for that. You provide that view that Kaboom did.

Having said that, I will continue to read the aforementioned blogs (along with others) because that fleshes out the overall picture of many issues.

Anonymous said...

Oblivion is not your fate Alex. You are WAY too good!