Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Weblog Awards Draw to a Close

Faithful readers,

Earlier today, the 2008 Weblog Awards closed, with Michael Yon once again the winner of the Best Military Blog category. Send your congratulations to him by visiting his fine blog.

A big thank you goes out to everyone that supported my efforts by voting the past week. I placed third because of people sending e-mails, posting threads on message boards and getting family and friends riled up. Hell, there was even a Facebook group started by Lauren's sister to help the cause. Thank you a thousand times over to everyone that read, commented and voted the past week. Though I placed third, I was glad to be in the running with a great group of guys. A special nod goes to Big Tobacco for his great showing as the new kid on the block.

The top three:

1. Michael Yon - 4,318
2. Blackfive - 3,320
3. Army of Dude - 1,650

Thank you all once again. Keep an eye on this space for new posts in the future.



bigD said...

Rock on Alex! When you get rich and famous will you take us all out to dinner? Peace

Unknown said...

Army of Dude and The War on Big Tobacco placed 1-2 for Best MilBlog With 100% Original Content.

Congratulations on another strong performance!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Dude! You ARE the best!
BTW, milblogging is about to get pase, so onward! I'd like to read about a struggling young writer, going to school, working odd jobs, trying to maintain a relationship, and living in a dodgy part of the lone star state, and how his perceptions differ from what they would have been without his experience as a US soldier. Just a thought! Congrat's on your success!

membrain said...

Congratulations Alex on coming in third. Michael Yon is a tough act to follow.

I've just finished reading your five part series on combat senses and I thought it was brilliant in both concept and writing style.

One sentence in particular had a powerful imact on me.

"The scent of war is remarkably the same as an American childhood in the summer, waiting for the next opportunity to set off explosions in brilliant displays of color and sound while the musk of gunpowder settles on the warm wind."

I look forward to seeing your published works. Us readers of the world need great writers like you.

I wish you all the very best.

Victor said...

Still a great blog man.

Hardtack said...

A great blog of which I thoroughly enjoy reading.

As stated earlier, it is hard to go against Michael Yon. But you have nothing to be ashamed about.

Keep on, and stay frosty.

Anonymous said...

Yon is a douche, well done Dude ;)

Crimson Beard said...


Wek said...

Great showing Alex. Especially considering you've never had the 'luxury' of getting your name out on the Hugh Hewitt show and other assorted prick shows as Yon has.

Both you and B.T. represented the enlisted folks well.

Alex Horton said...

thanks for your comments, guys.

Funny thing, Wek! My dad threw my URL out on the Hugh Hewitt show when I was deployed. I got some nice comments from his listeners.

Long-time RN said...

Congratulations Alex!

Anonymous said...

Great job Alex, we still think your site is the reakin best !!!!!

Love, Aunt Camille

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your respectable finish!

The exposure will bring you lots of new readers and next year will be yours.

Like Membrain, I was struck by "The scent of war is remarkably the same as an American childhood in the summer..."

Outstanding work man!

Anonymous said...

Nothing to see here.

Unknown said...

Well written, sensitive and personal. You never fail your readers. Keep it up