Friday, June 26, 2009

The Baqubah Dilemma

While Mosul is getting a lot of press lately (thanks Stars and Stripes), the residents of another smorgasbord of insurgent activity are rethinking the June 30 pullout deadline. Baqubah is still a tangled mess of weapons trafficking, cross border movement and militia activity (the bad kind, not the sometimes-good kind). As of late 2007, they had the most shoddy, unprofessional and lazy Iraqi units I saw from Nineveh to Baghdad. Mosul and Baghdad won't be the cities to look at when June 30 rolls around. All eyes will be on Baqubah and the ISF there. The locals don't seem to have a vote of confidence, so let's hope they can hold the line. If it's going to break anywhere, it will be there.


Psyshrink said...

Excellent blog you've got here! My sister is in Iraq right now. I am a psychologist working online and by phone with some returning vets. Military personnel are really amazing and talented people. But, I guess you already know that!
Best wishes,

CI-Roller Dude said...

Army Dude,
What most Amerikans don't understand here in the States is:
1.) Iraq is like 1400 AD with cell phones.
2.) Iraq would even suck really bad if we hadn't invaded.
3.) The average Iraqi not living in a big city has a 3rd grade education and can't read or write
4.) How can you expect men to be happy when they have to beat their heads on the ground 5 times a day to pray, have 2 wives and 25 kids, no AC, little running water and they can't even drink?

Akamar said...

I spent three years as a contractor at Warhorse. I remember some of the crazy traffic we'd get as they'd attempt to do something or other in Baqubah. ... Fun to note it's still crazy out there...

The Usual Suspect said... WAS handled. Thanks in no small part to your guys. And then to the funds our commander disbursed to make sure things stayed calm. Call that what you will.