Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Haiku Review: In The Valley of Elah

In The Valley of Elah (2007):

Soldiers behave badly

Dubious characters aplenty

Audience cruelly suffers

(Tomorrow: Stop Loss.)


Unknown said...

I watched Stop Loss, I feel sorry for you already.

Alex Horton said...


Stop Loss was a chore. Remember, there are many kinds of sacrifice.

membrain said...


Sisu said...

I have now rethought my distaste of haiku. Most awesome.

CI-Roller Dude said...

I was "stop lossed" twice...but I re-enlisted and they lost the paperwork...
Halfway through my Iraq tour, they told me my enlistment ran out 6 months before I got I said "send me home."
They tried to get me to re-enlist for the "stats" and I told them I really couldn't because I alrady had...
took them months to get it sorted out....Yep, the National Guard really does have a lot of retards.

Unknown said...

Just when I thought TLJ couldn't be any more wooden than he was in "No Country For Old Men," along comes "Elah." He makes Buster Keaton look like Jim Carrey. He was pretty cool in "Lonesome Dove," though.


themorethingschange... said...

So, you're recommending we skip Stop Loss?!

Don't know how I missed haiku in school, just lucky I guess, but yours is most impressive. Good job!


Alex Horton said...

Thanks! This was the first haiku I've ever written. I doubt it'll be something I use again.

Stop Loss is the best of the bunch, which isn't saying much. It's pretty bad on its own, but compared to the others, it's passable.

Jean said...

five syllables
seven syllables
five syllables


wv: redifist (ha..I like it!)

Alex Horton said...


Wha? According to, I have the appropriate number of syllables per line. What is incorrect?

Jean said...

Alex, my count is:

soldiers behave badly = 6
dubious characters aplenty = 9
audience cruelly suffers = 7

ah doan no nuttin' 'bout no 'wordcalc' ;-)

Alex Horton said...

Looks like I'm wrong.

Jean said...

If you want some fun practice, Sparrow has a weekly haiku challenge on her blog (All Atwitter)-

The really cool thing is the prize...she sends a big care package (in the winner's name) to a soldier serving overseas.
You would be most welcome!