Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Informative, Corny Post 9/11 GI Bill video

For those still on the fence about which GI Bill to partake in:

Keep in mind this new bill is not a silver bullet. You might be better off sticking with the old GI Bill. Do some research and see which one suits you better. If you are close to exhuasting the old one, stick with it. You can get a 12 month extension with the Post 9/11 Bill only if you completely use Chapter 30. And if you live in California, move somewhere else.



CI-Roller Dude said...

How much did they spend on the video? It's funny, but what they have been spending in a month in Iraq is more than they'll spend in a whole year on this new GI bill for college.
CA could be the 7th largest country in the world, but we have the least amount of benifits for the Nat Guard or military. When you compare CA to other states, we actually have almost nothing for benifits.
But it still beats Iraq.

Unknown said...

It is truly a shame what is happening here in CA, as a vet currently attending USC I can't believe the government bureaucracy that has turned a simple miss wording into situation that could shortchange such a large population of veterans,

Alex Horton said...

It's pretty absurd. You can probably get better vet benefits in American Samoa.

Bill Wabbit said...

Alex, could you make a post about the stop loss payment plan that was approved for backdating until the beginning of the war? I want to ensure all the vets out there know because they have to apply for it.

Anonymous said...

I just covered this the other day man...It's actually not that complicated.