Thursday, July 09, 2009

Haiku Review: Stop Loss

Stop Loss (2008):

Requisite drawl here

Back door draft is plot device

Phillipe runs from script

(Tommorow: Home of The Brave.)


Unknown said...

To 'cleanse your palette' you might want to watch Three Kings

It is about Gulf War I. I really enjoyed it.

Alex Horton said...


I very much enjoyed Three Kings, a Gulf War movie that outshines Jarhead in my opinion.

Unknown said...

Can you zoom in on his ribbons and comment on them? I count five full rows. I would expect that from a twenty-year man who had been in every campaign since Panama, but not from a young guy like his character.

And what are those two ribbons over on his right side?

I also noticed he's out of uniform.


Alex Horton said...

It's unusual but not impossible for an E-5 to have a rack that size. You get a shitload of ribbons automatically, and more for deploying.

From the fuzzy blowup I did, I can see: (Bronze Star?), Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal, GWOT Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon and Korean Defense Service Ribbon. He might have an Afghanistan Campaign Ribbon too. He's missing leadership tabs on his shoulders.

The ribbons on his right side are unit awards. He has a Meritorious Unit Award and a Superior Unit Award. He's missing one we had: the Presidential Unit Citation. That's the big cheese.

Most of his awards are giveaways. I had three lines on my rack and pretty much all of it was from showing up (two just for finishing basic). Gotta earn that Purple Heart though, and that Bronze Star if it is one.

themorethingschange... said...

Oh yeah, Three Kings is WAY better than Jarhead and Battle for Haditha.