Thursday, March 25, 2010

Haiku Review: Green Zone


Green Zone (2010):

Shaky cam shakes man

Bourne is on the hunt for WMD

We too find nothing


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Anonymous said...

Brilliant. I thought this movie sucked when I saw the preview for it. It looked like another Hollywood political statement. I'm sure they figured out a way to tie in some propoganda on global warming/climate change as well.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I live in Hollywood and I'm not in the Entertainment Industry (the only group of people pretentious enough to refer to their industry at "THE Industry") and most are terrific people but stuff like Green Zone is further proof of how removed from reality some of them are.

Great review, its amazing how they can keep trotting out tired memes like WMD.

Victor said...

Shaky Cam??? haha. is it because of how you viewed it?

Alex Horton said...

Haha nah, I kept the bootleg as a souvenir and went to go see it with Andrea. Shaky cam is another name for the Handy Cam, the handheld camera that gives movies a frantic look, like in the Bourne movies and Transformers.

Joe said...

The frantic look that makes you attempt to change the channel to find something better on when you forget that you're in the movie theater still.

Pattie Matheson said...

Haven't seen this one yet so I can't comment. But, on this topic - you jumped right into my head as I listened to Shekhar Kapur, (director of Elizabeth I and Elizabeth, the Golden Age), give his commentaries on the movies. I'm usually pretty tolerant of the suspension of disbelief but by the end of his comments on the second film I was ready to throw the clicker at the TV.


CI-Roller Dude said...

I could only watch about 15 minutes of the "Green Zone"

I started to get ill at all the Bullshit.

There were never any WMDs. Period.

There was (or might still be) an entier web site on SIPER devoted to "Fake WMDs", because so many hereos were paying out so much money to Iraqis for Bullshit WMD info.

flexterkebumen said...

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John said...

just saw it... refreshed to learn iraq movies can still piss me off. The bad guys are green beret goons, the men in his squad faceless extras. I felt willing to grant immunity to the driving political overtones as long as soldiers were well/accurately represented but they didnt even try. Iraq movie 1.0

Peter said...

Hi Alex,

Since you check for movies with a more realistic views on a soldier's job, you might want to keep an eye out for this one:

Its a documentary/movie thingey about Danish soldiers in Afghanistan, and from what I hear it should be anything else but "Green Zone".

Tbh I have no idea if is sucks or it is one of the better, since I haven't seen it (not released yet). Not even sure you're into Docus,so this is really just a heads up to you.

Enhjoy your writing a lot so keep going.